Fossil Fuel Resistance

This 350 Marin Committee is part of the 350 Bay Area Fossil Fuel Resistance Campaign.
We work to reduce fossil fuel extraction, its transportation through local communities and the greenhouse gas emissions and toxics which pollute our air in the Bay Area.  


2017 will be a crucial year for stopping the tar sands invasion and coal-by-rail.   Chevron is already refining tar-sand crude in Richmond.  Other refineries would like to bring in tar-sands crude-by-rail to increase production of this cheap but highly polluting crude.  A lawsuit is still pending, challenging the City Council of Oakland’s decision to ban coal from coming to their port for export.  These proposals pose a grave threat to the health and safety of frontline refinery communities and the cities through which rail lines travel – from dust, derailments, explosions and fire.


 Capping East Bay Refinery Emissions

At the end 2015 the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board of Directors, over the objections of their senior staff, finally agreed to order an Environmental Impact Report for a Community-Worker Proposal to impose a verifiable numeric cap on refinery emissions at current levels. This proposal would make it very difficult for oil companies to refine more tar-sands or to increase production.  The vote on the Caps Rule is now scheduled for June 21, 2017, after the Board voted previously in the May 31st to go ahead and move forward on a cap of GHG emissions.  If approved, this would set an important precedent for stopping the tar-sands invasion on the West Coast and severely limit the strip mining of boreal forest in Canada, but it is not a done deal yet with Staff there in early June now altering what the Board agreed to.

Each Air District hearing is an opportunity to speak to the Board, generally for two minutes, on why they must take action now.  If you share these concerns and are interested in attending and testifying, or if you would like to be involved in other ways with 350 Marin Fossil Fuel Resistance, we welcome your help and support.   Please read this important article on the threat and potential resolution of the tar-sands invasion.


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