On-Going: Support 100% Clean Energy Use by Marin Cities!

May 5, 2017

Help make Marin a 100% clean energy county by writing a brief letter to your city council and the County of Marin, urging them to switch to all renewable energy, if they haven’t already!  350Marin members Helene Marsh and Sarah Loughran are working on a great county-wide initiative to get municipalities and the County of Marin to switch their electricity accounts (for all the public buildings, street lights, etc.) to MCE Deep Green, (100% Green Energy).  350Marin strongly supports their great leadership on this, which is aligned with the goals of our Clean Energy campaign.

Novato Quarry opens as “Local Sol” solar farm

Here are some of the cities, towns, and departments within Marin that have already gone Deep Green:  Fairfax, San Anselmo, Belvedere, and Sausalito, as well as the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Point Reyes National Seashore, and the Tamalpais Community Services District. As of April 18 and 19th respectively, Corte Madera and Larkspur have joined them. And Novato did the same thing on May 2nd. Following in June, Ross and San Rafael voted to go Deep Green, and the County did as well. And now, Mill Valley!  All votes were unanimous! The big question is “Which City or Town in Marin will be the last one to go Deep Green?” It looks it is Tiburon.  Hope they join the crowd.

Tiburon has committed to evaluate participation in the Deep Green program this year. They need to hear your voice soon if you’re a resident!  You could go to public comment time at the july 19th meeting even though the item itself has been delayed.

Corte MaderaApril 18  (Chose Deep Green!)
LarkspurApril 19  (Chose Deep Green!)
Novato – May 2 (Chose Deep Green!)
Ross – June 8th  (Chose Deep Green!)
Mill Valley – July 17th (Chose Deep Green!)
San Rafael June 5th (Chose Deep Green!)
County of Marin – June 19th (Chose Deep Green!)

Tiburon – August 2nd ? –  “Deep Green” decision not on the agenda for 7/19, hopefully the next meeting.

Just click on the above highlighted City names to see the letter instructions/ideas for that City. Use this to write a letter (and then either email it or send it via snail mail) & let then know it’s time to go Deep Green!

Email addresses are HERE or use the address of the City in the letter template to send via snail mail.  And maybe, just as important, is for you to go Deep Green with MCE as well – if you haven’t already – which you can do easily by going HERE

If you would like more information or have questions you can contact:

Helene Marsh  415 300-7233  marsh.helene@gmail.com

Sarah Loughran  415 717-8581  sarahloughran@comcast.net

19 citizen groups, so far, have signed a statement of support for this County-wide initiative:

Supporting groups are:

Marin Conservation League, 350Marin, Environmental Forum of Marin, Citizen’s Climate Lobby(Marin Chapter), Resilient Neighborhoods, OFA Marin, Cool the Earth, Coalition for Livable Marin (CALM), Marin School of Environmental Leadership, Strategic Energy Innovations, Sustainable Marin, Sierra Club-Marin, Sustainable San Rafael, Sustainable Novato, Sustainable Fairfax, Town of Fairfax Climate Action Committee, Mainstreet Moms – West Marin, Mill Valley Community Action Network, CA Interfaith Power and Light.