HELP US PASS SB 100:  Can you spend 5 minutes to make a big difference for 100% clean energy? Add your voice for passing SB 100. You probably have last year and it is hard to believe we need to do this in Marin, but Marc Levine is hesitant while others lead. Help us make calls to our  Assembly Member Levine in the next two weeks now that he is back in Sacramento for the last month of the legislative session, which ends Aug 31.  We’re part of a huge coalition working to make sure California moves forward with 100% Clean Energy (by 2045 – or even sooner).  We have to commit to this path now and share our plans with others around the US and the World.  That’s what is at stake in passing this bill, written by Senator Kevin De Leon. 350 groups and others are calling to ask all Assembly reps to become co-authors of this critical bill. As of August 1, there are 9 or 10 who have said they will. We are going for 20. Marc Levine’s staff has said he won’t (because he is afraid of being seen as a leader on Clean Energy??).
Here is the short script (modify it as you wish): 
Hello, I am calling as a constituent and member of <350Marin or other group you are a part of> to urge Assemblymember Levine to add his name as a co-author to SB 100.  SB 100 will commit California to moving to 100% Clean Energy by 2045.  People living in our district strongly support this bill and want to see Marc Levine show his strong support and leadership on clean energy. This is the most important climate and clean energy bill in the legislature this year.  Can I count on the Assembly member’s support? Thank you for your attention to this issue.
Here are the District office phone numbers of our Assembly rep, Marc Levine
415 479-4920 (San Rafael), 707 576-2631 (Petaluma, Santa Rosa areas)
Thanks for your actions for climate justice and a healthy energy future!
Ken Jones at