Louisiana Prepares to Evacuate Its Coastal Floodplain

Jan 1, 2018

Storm surge on a Louisiana highway shows the effects of rising sea levels. Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

From Bloomberg:

‘Louisiana is finalizing a plan to move thousands of people from areas threatened by the rising Gulf of Mexico, effectively declaring uninhabitable a coastal area larger than Delaware.

A draft of the plan, the most aggressive response to climate-linked flooding in the U.S., calls for prohibitions on building new homes in high-risk areas, buyouts of homeowners who live there now and hikes in taxes on those who won’t leave. Commercial development would still be allowed, but developers would need to put up bonds to pay for those buildings’ eventual demolition.

“Not everybody is going to live where they are now and continue their way of life,” said Mathew Sanders, the state official in charge of the program, which has the backing of Governor John Bel Edwards. “And that is an emotional, and terrible, reality to face.”’

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Flooding in Port Sulfur, Louisiana, south of New Orleans after Katrina