On-Going: 100% Renewable Energy in CA by 2045 (SB 100) Will be Back Next Year

Oct 2, 2017

In California we have a chance to set the pace for renewable energy.  SB 100 was a bill that has passed the state Senate and moved to the Assembly where bills like this can have a tougher time as that is where Big OIl, Big Ag and Investor Owned Utilities can use their money and influence to stop them.  SB 100 – you can read it by clicking on the link – sets a goal of California providing all (100%, thus the bill number) its electricity through zero-carbon resources by the end of 2045.  It also resets some interim goals in stone as RPS (our Renewable Portfolio Standard) for before then. An example is 60% by 2030 instead of current 50%. If you click on the Bill Analysis in this link and look at the most recent one, scrolling to the bottom of it, you can see the latest list of who was for it and who was against this bill.

A couple of 350 Bay Area legislative team were among those thanked by Senator De Leon on July 13, when the bill passed in Natural Resources Committee 7-0

It appears big money is going into defeating this as business models may have to change and Big anything does not like doing that.  But people want this.  It creates lots of jobs and sets California to be a technology and innovator leader into the future. And people in California stand with the Paris Accords and want to stop climate chaos.  So how do we get this passed in the session coming up?  It was pulled back into the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee by its Chair, a Democrat, Chris Holden. Lots more to say about this but need more time to find out the back story.  There is where we all come in.  We are right now throughout 350 Bay Area and our allies figuring out the best strategy to pass this bill as it has been turned into a 2 year bill that comes back in the next session.

This is the Senate President Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon’s bill and he has fought hard, standing up to Big OIl, and deserves a great deal of praise for what he tries to do.

There will be more here as we get closer to January.

Keep looking here for more actions to take soon.