On February 16th, join us at the Shelterpoint Business Center just off 101 in Mill Valley to tell SPO Partners and Wells Fargo to stop funding fossil fuel infrastructure and development projects.

More than ever, it’s up to us, now, to keep fossil fuels in the ground to protect our planet from increasingly severe climate change! As an out-of-control Trump administration issues executive orders to support extraction, ending the financing of fossil fuel projects becomes even more critical.

shelterpoint.jpeg As the recent article in Marin’s Pacific Sun newspaper says, SPO, right here in Mill Valley, is the largest hedge fund in the North Bay – and it’s investments are trying to profit at the expense of doing great damage to our world:

“The $5.2 billion investment firm is among the country’s leading financial backers of oil and natural gas fracking. Its web of financial connections tie it directly to the country’s most controversial infrastructure project—the $3.7 billion, 1,134-mile Dakota Access Pipeline—and even President-elect Donald Trump’s economic policy pipeline.jpgteam. SPO Partners is the largest investor in Oasis Petroleum of Houston, Texas, which controls more than 400,000 acres within the Bakken and Three Forks oil basins of North Dakota and Montana. Oasis is working to complete a 19-mile oil transmission system from its North Dakota petroleum handling facility to the Dakota Access Pipeline, thus positioning it to supply roughly one-ninth of the pipeline’s estimated 470,000 barrels of daily crude oil deliveries…”  You can read the full article HERE.

Wells Fargo, the mega-bank with a branch at Shelterpoint, has also been one of the prime funders supporting the fossil fuel industry, and in particular, pipeline projects like Dakota Access.  la-na-north-dakota-pipeline-20160909-snap.jpg

We need to let both of these institutions know they need to stop funding further damage to our future, and let their clients know they should be divesting their money from both SPO Partners and Wells Fargo.  We need to radically rebuild our energy system and create a safer, thriving world based on renewable, sustainable energy infrastructure!

You can easily get to Shelter Point Business Center in Mill Valley by exiting 101 at Seminary Ave., whether you’re going north or south.  If you were headed north, you’ll need to turn right at the light at the end of the off ramp, and drive around under the freeway to Shelterpoint on west side of 101.  The southbound exit ramp ends joins the frontage road right at the business center.

See you there at noon on Feb. 16!  You can download, distribute and post the flyer below by clicking HERE.