We’d like to thank Archie Williams Students Cole LaRoche, Bella Faye, Harper Miller, and Jorge Castillo Garcia for creating this promotional video on 350Marin.

About 350Marin

350Marin is made up of deeply concerned grassroots activists working to avert the intensifying global climate crisis.

Together, we bring the voice of the people forward to influence regional policies as one of the local groups of 350BayArea.org and nationally, inspired by the global 350.org movement.
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About 350 Bay Area

350 Bay Area is our regional umbrella organization, which provides federal non-profit status, as well as logistical and organizational support to local Bay Area 350 groups including 350Marin, 350 Sonoma, 350 San Francisco, and 350 East Bay. As well, 350 Bay Area has regional campaigns that local 350 groups support on a group-by-group basis.

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The Science of 350

Find out what 350ppm means and why we need a global movement to get the planet on a path back to below 350.
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Another Earth Day is behind us; did you see Bill McKibben’s video sent out by Third Act!? If not, check it out here!

Upcoming Events

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Electrify Everything

350Marin is proud to be a part of the Clean Energy movement happening around the country and in local groups of 350 Bay Area. Our campaign is focused on getting to that 100% carbon-neutrality goal for all of California even faster than the 2045 date that the Governor Brown set in his Executive Order.

Financing a Green Climate Future

Divestment is the opposite of investment–it simply means getting rid of stocks, bonds or investment funds that are unethical or morally objectionable, particularly fossil fuel investments which are a risk for investors and for the planet. If you’re concerned about the climate, it’s time to pull your money out of corporate banks that are financing fossil fuels.

Advocating for Climate Leadership

Building our political power through local education and advocacy in order to foster climate leadership and action in the County of Marin.

No Costco Mega Gas Station Novato

The gas station project entails a 10,000-square-foot canopy that would be built in the parking lot in front of the Costco Warehouse, right next to a pediatric clinic and a pristine watershed, and close to a huge wildlife area.


Our Internship Program

Want to make an impact while learning about the fundamentals of climate activism and how grassroots organizations operate? Check out our open positions:

Isabellla Ingersol

Isabellla Ingersol

2024 College Intern



2024 College Intern

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Marin's (In)Complete Guide to Climate Action

If you’re new to Marin County, or new to climate action and would like to learn more, then use this guide to help you get started.

Green New Deal Pinball Game

Click to flip the flippers and launch the ball. Score 100,000 points by answering questions to save the planet.

Celebrating 10 Years of Non-Stop Climate Action

Ten years ago, a handful of Marin neighbors started 350Marin.org as a local group aligned with 350.org…