350Marin Internship Program

NEW! Internship Positions for 2022 & 2023
Want to make an impact while learning about the fundamentals of climate activism and how grassroots organizations operate? Check out our open positions:


High School Internships:   We seek highly motivated, passionate, self-starter high school students to assist with local climate activism campaigns. Interns will learn the skills needed to become effective climate activists and to experience how grassroots organizations operate.  See details here.   We’ll be opening 3 new unpaid intern positions starting in the fall.  Contact us at info@350marin.org or apply here.


Natale and other 350Marin  interns lead a 2019 youth panel on climate

If you’re high school or college age, consider checking out our program for the 2022-2023 school year.  Interning with 350Marin can be an exciting chance to learn how activists work to make change happen while positively affecting one of the most important issues of our time!


Past Internship History

Our internship program allowed us to welcome youth from College of Marin, Marin School of Environment Leadership, Sir Francis Drake High School, and the Marin Academy.  Some of our interns have become involved directly in activist actions and have provided a liason with the Sunrise Movement Marin Hub, while others worked on special projects and/or supported other 350Marin organizing efforts.  Our former interns had different experiences depending on their focus and areas of interest within climate change activism. Our flexible structure allows us to tailor the internship on both the needs of our organization and the profile of the student. Below are pictures of some of our former interns along with what they have to say about their interests and their experience interning with 350Marin.

In 2020-2021, 350Marin’s Youth Internship  program worked with Tucker Vorhees (Marin School of Environmental Leadership), Brianna Flores (Archie Miller HS) and Nate Wolford (Archie Miller HS) with the aim of creating a game that would be fun and informative about the Green New Deal (GND) With master programmer Kelly Jones, we met weekly to develop the game, which you can see and play today at https://www.350Marin.org/GNDgame.html! We created the questions and found the images to use that illustrated the questions, which was an excellent way to familiarize ourselves with the concerns of climate change and how the Green New Deal could help us move towards a future that was more promising.

Current Interns

Katherine Ritter

Katherine Ritter is a rising second-year student at the University of Chicago studying Environmental Science and Business Economics. A California native, Katherine has firsthand witnessed dramatic changes in the frequency and intensity of our wildfire seasons during her lifetime. As climate change continues to escalate, infiltrating our communities’ public health and safety as well as destroying our surrounding environment, she feels called to involve herself in the struggle for environmental protection and restoration. This summer with 350Marin, she is excited to work alongside the Fairfax and San Anselmo Climate Action Committees, and make use of a growing, working knowledge of local government and policies as means to better inform her own climate activism.

Past Interns

Sophie Barrowman

Hello! My name is Sophie and I am thrilled to be interning at 350Marin. At 17 years old, I am a junior at Tamalpais High School. I have a strong passion for environmental science and climate action. Thanks to my time at 350Marin, I am able to explore and dive deeper into my interests in global warming and climate change, while learning how to become an advocate for climate action. During my free time, I enjoy creating art through pottery. I enjoy both hand-building and throwing. I create everything from cups and bowls to intricate figurines and statues. The beauty of ceramics is seeing the transformation from raw, muddy material to a colorful and expressive work of art!

Lucie Martikan

 Lucie Martikan is a rising third-year college student studying sustainable development and environmental science at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She grew up in Marin County with a reverence for its open space, which drew her to environmental science. Her leadership positions in the outdoors society and sustainable development society in college pushed her to attend climate justice rallies and sparked her interest in climate activism.


She is currently a college intern with 350Marin and is working with Fairfax and San Anselmo CACs as a Climate Action planning Assistant with a particular focus on green and accessible public transportation. She believes building electrification is the future, and implementation on the local level is critical in addressing our climate crisis and preserving our beautiful county.


Eleanor Huang

 My name is Eleanor  Huang. I am a member  of Terra Linda High  School’s graduating class of 2020, and a student in the Marin School of Environmental Leadership. When I’m not at school, work, or orchestra, I like to spend my free time artistically, like painting or making earrings. I wanted to be a 350 Marin intern because I am passionate about youth advocacy. I believe 350 Marin’s style of grass-roots activism in youth leadership is the spirit the world needs to conquer the climate crisis. During my time as an intern, I gained a new perspective on climate activism, met other students determined to protect the earth, and learned how to use zoom video calls. I’m forever grateful for the experience! Next year, I will be a Philosophy major in the Honors College of Letters & Science at UC Santa Barbara. 

 Natale Urquhart

My name is Natale and I am going into my senior year at Humboldt State University, majoring in Environmental Science with an emphasis in ecological restoration. This summer and the next I will be working as an intern soil conservationist with NRCS. I was part of the first year of interns with 350Marin, and it was such a good learning experience. I got to plan events, attend community meetings, give input into our campaigns, and learn from the tight-knit, caring group of adults that make up 350Marin. I’m so excited to see how 350Marin will continue to grow and inspire! 

Brianna Flores

Hi! My name is Brianna Flores. I am a senior at High School 1327, previously known as Sir Francis Drake High School. My interest in environmental science and social justice pushed me to join a community at my school named SEA-DISC, which stands for Studies of the Environment Academy – Drake Integrated Studies Curricula. It is through SEA-DISC that I became aware of 350 Marin, and their work sparked an interest in me, especially with this game as I am also interested in computer science. I am still not sure what college I will be attending in the fall, but I know I want to focus on a science related major, which is why I applied for biochemistry programs.

Tindi Musyoki

Hi! My  name is Tindi Musyoki and I am a junior at Tamalpais High School. As a young Californian I have always known about the issues of climate change, but never learned how to address them. My time interning with  350 Marin has had a huge impact on how I understand particular climate issues and how to properly address them. I have been able to delve deeply into the intricate world of climate change thanks to this opportunity, learning a lot and developing valuable insights. I gained knowledge on how to promote change and sway decision-makers through interaction with professionals and activists. I have a platform thanks to the internship to speak up and offer suggestions to local officials.Witnessing the strength of group effort and the great results we could produce together was incredibly encouraging. Thanks to this internship, I have gained new knowledge and have a strong desire to promote environmental causes.

Sylvie May

Hey! I am Sylvie May, a senior at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, and a high school intern for 350 Marin! Growing up in California, I have witnessed first hand how climate change has degraded ecosystems, and infiltrated communities’ at an alarming rate. Compelled to make a difference, I searched for a local organization that was taking action to avert the climate crisis, which led me to 350 Marin!

Through my time with 350 Marin, I have attended steering committee and building electrification meetings, to gain a stronger understanding of how grassroots organizations operate. I also have gained insight into the several different local efforts that are minimizing the effects of climate change, as well as each campaign 350 Marin is working on. 350 Marin has put me in touch with members of Mill Valley’s Climate Action Plan Task Force and I am currently working with them to help implement Mill Valley’s new Climate Action Plan and encourage Mill Valley City Council to adopt Marin County’s building electrification reach codes. 

350 Marin has given me the tools to become a strong climate change advocate, a skill I hope to utilize as I continue to fight for climate change. Even once my internship ends I plan to continue fighting to see local change and empowering my peers to do the same. 

Elise Jonas-Delson

Elise grew up in Marin and is currently a third-year student at UC San Diego, where she studies public policy and linguistics. She is deeply involved in climate organizing on campus, most prominently in efforts to push UCSD and the UC system to divest from fossil fuel banking and decarbonize its energy systems. Elise is driven by the urgency of the climate crisis, and the realization that we cannot continue to live like “business as usual” while on the verge of ecological collapse. She is passionate about the intersections between climate, racial, and economic justice, and the belief that another world is possible.


Niklas Ugalde

My name is Niklas Alexander Ugalde Recarte and I am a second year student at College of Marin. After graduating with an A.A. in Social Sciences this spring, I will be pursuing a B.A. in Environmental Studies for the coming two years. During my time at College of Marin, I have become increasingly active in environmental initiatives such as launching a recycling program on campus. Through my environmental engagement, I learned about 350 Marin and their shared mission to fight for environmental sustainability. With a vision to divest my college from fossil fuels, I decided to work as an intern for 350 Marin and find support in their expertise on sustainable investments. The team’s guidance not only helped me learn about divestment but pushed me to move beyond my expectations. I learned to analyze my College‘s investment holdings, and formulate a thesis on the ecological and financial risks of investing in fossil fuels. In the end, through 350 Marin’s continual support, I was able to gain my college president’s commitment to divest a six-million-dollar fund from fossil fuels. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I received to work with inspiring personalities at 350 Marin.

 Sylvia Potovsky

I am 17 years old and a current senior at Sir Francis Drake High School. I play softball and field hockey at my school and spend most of my free time combating climate change, volunteering in my community, and maintaining my school garden. I love to take hikes in nature and create films.