1.5+ Million Youth #ClimateStrike For Action on Climate

Mar 29, 2019

Thousands of Young Climate Strikers March Down Market St. in San Francisco March 15, 2019

On March 15, 2019, organizers estimated that over 1.5 million students and youth abandoned schoolrooms to hit the streets around the world as part of the Global Climate Strike, demanding stronger action and policies to address climate change to protect their future.   Inspired by 16 year old school climate striker Greta Thunberg of Sweden, the expanding movement has spread globally, with March 15 marking its first massive action.

Activist groups like Youth For Climate and Students For Climate claimed that the school strike for climate took place in 1,769 locations in 112 countries around the world. #FridaysForFuture claimed that the event was observed in 2,052 cities and towns across 123 countries.

The day before the strike, the youth groups organizing the strike issued a joint letter published by the Guardian.  An excerpt:

“We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not…United we will rise on 15 March and many times after until we see climate justice. We demand the world’s decision makers take responsibility and solve this crisis. You have failed us in the past. [But] the youth of this world has started to move and we will not rest again.”

You can see more pictures and read more global coverage of the climate strike HERE in the Guardian.