Belvedere was the first of Marin’s municipalities to opt up to Deep Green, MCE’s 100% California-sourced renewable energy service, in 2010. This was closely followed by opt ups from Fairfax (2012), San Anselmo (2014), and Sausalito (2014). This year Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Novato, Ross, San Rafael, Tiburon, and the County of Marin joined the movement to purchase 100% pollution-free electricity for all public buildings, streetlights, and other civic accounts.

“Not only does this contribute more renewable energy to California’s electrical grid, but half of the Deep Green premium collected goes towards building local solar projects in our service area, like MCE Solar One, a 60-acre solar project in Richmond that’s nearing completion,” said Dawn Weisz, CEO of MCE. “Marin is making a significant contribution to the state’s requirement of 100% renewable energy use by 2045. The county has shown that on a local level, we can not only help achieve California’s goal ahead of schedule, we can demonstrate the urgency of acting on climate change now.”

Municipal adoption of 100% renewable electricity was a catalyst for inspiring local residents and businesses to opt up as well. In Marin County, enrollments in Deep Green have increased 62% in just 10 months, from 2.7% (2,378 accounts) in January, to over 4% (3,852 accounts) as of October 2017. Marin County homes, businesses, and municipal accounts make up over half of all Deep Green customers in MCE’s entire service area. As of September 2017, MCE has reached its goal of having 5% of its total electricity load enrolled in Deep Green, 7 years ahead of its original 2025 target.

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